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Who are the students?

We have had students enroll from just about all of the non-English-speaking countries of the world. Expect to make new friends and to learn about the whole world.

Am I welcome?

Our classes are for adult learners and are as diverse as our region’s immigrant population. Instruction is in English at many different Northern Virginia/DC locations.

Do you have a level of instruction appropriate for me?

We offer several levels of classes – from beginning to intermediate to advanced. At registration, you will be placed at an appropriate class level.

How often do classes meet?

At most locations, classes meet twice a week for 2 hours. Students are encouraged to register at more than one location if their time and schedules permit. This way, you may have more than 4 hours of instruction per week. At most locations, the fall semester runs from September through November. The winter/spring semester begins in January and concludes in March or April. A few locations run a third semester that begins in April and ends in June.  Our complete calendar of classes is available online.

Is there a fee?

Most of our locations charge a small fee, but usually no more than $40 (including books) is charged for a full semester of classes. If the student is unable to pay, we welcome them on a scholarship basis. For a full list of our current fees at each location, see our up-to-date class schedules page.

What class materials are needed?

A wide variety of commercial adult ESL material is provided for in-classroom use, depending on the needs and proficiencies of the students. At many programs, the registration fee covers the cost of books and at other locations there is a small additional charge for books.

Is childcare available?

Childcare is available at selected locations.

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