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New Volunteers

How do I volunteer to teach English classes?

We almost always need new teachers, assistant teachers, and substitute teachers. Find a location that is most convenient for you, and then fill out and submit the online volunteer application form.

Our need for new volunteers is greatest in early September and early January, when classes begin at most of our locations –the ideal time to contact us is several weeks in advance (i.e., late July/early August and late November/early December). However, we occasionally need new volunteers at other times of the year, so please contact us at any time.

If you would like to observe in one of our classrooms to help you decide whether teaching English as a second language is a good fit for you, please contact our program administrator at [email protected].

Can I help in other ways?

Most of our volunteers assist with English class teaching. However, some programs have other opportunities, such as helping with administrative tasks, providing snacks for students at break times, and local advertising/outreach. On our online volunteer application form, please indicate your volunteer preference(s) in the comment box at the bottom of the form.

What qualifications do I need?

Teachers must be proficient in English, but the ability to speak a second language is NOT required. No prior experience necessary and training is provided.

What is my commitment as an English teacher?

  • The ability to teach two hours one day or evening per week for 10-12 weeks.
  • Spending adequate planning and preparation time before class (about one hour of planning for each hour of teaching).
  • The willingness to share teaching responsibilities with another teacher.
  • Attending the new volunteer training.
  • Advising site coordinator of absences as far in advance as possible.

What are my rewards?

This program affects not only those in need, but those who are determined to better themselves.

  • Be prepared to enjoy helping those who are eager to help themselves; in many countries from which our students originate, teaching is an honored profession.
  • Be prepared to be held in high respect by those with whom you are working; many of our students know very few Americans outside of casual relationships and the workplace.
  • Be prepared to find yourself the first American friend of these newest Americans.
  • Be prepared to learn an amazing amount about the rest of the world — teaching English in Northern Virginia is like traveling abroad without the cost of a plane ticket.

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