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ESL from A to Z

Starting an ESL Program

Is your faith-based organization interested in starting an ESL program? If you’re in Northern Virginia or DC, we’d love to have you join our ESLIM confederation. We can provide mentoring. If your church or faith-based organization wants to start a new ESL program, please contact us.

Even if you’re not in Northern Virginia or DC, we have a wonderful resource manual we’d like to share with you free of charge.

What is this manual?

ESL from A to Z is a free, 80-page program manual with 20 supplemental documents that will help you create and run an efficient and effective ESL ministry for your church.

Who might be interested in it?

Churches considering reaching out to their immigrant neighbors by offering English language classes will find this resource invaluable in beginning and running an English as a Second Language (ESL) ministry.

Why might we want to use this manual?

This manual, prepared by ESLIM, reflects decades of experience by United Methodist churches in Northern Virginia who have been responding to the changing population demographics in their area. Over 50 new programs have been started during the past quarter century. This manual will save you from having to “re-invent the wheel” on your own.

How do I proceed?

First, view the ESL from A to Z preview. The preview will show you the table of contents and sample pages from the manual and its supplemental forms/resources. After you have previewed the manual pages, email us at [email protected] to request the manual.

The on-line resource ESL from A to Z was made possible by the generous support of the New Horizons Fund.