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Meet Connie Hauer, ESLIM’s New Program Administrator

ESLIM is delighted to introduce our new program administrator, Connie Hauer. She is already part of the ESLIM family, having taught advanced students at Centreville United Methodist Church for the last three semesters.Connie also teaches an intermediate ESL class at the Hogar Center in Manassas, and she has done freelance, one-on-one tutonring for clients including a journalist and an embassy employee. In preparation for all of these activities, she earned a TESOL certificate.

Previously Connie taught school for 34 years. And for three years, she and her husband coordinated volunteers for an overnight shelter that their church in Tennessee hosted once a week during the winter months.

Connie’s starting date was December 7. She and Dorothy Hettmann, our longtime program administrator, will overlap during a period of training and transition. Like Dorothy, Connie will work an average of 10 hours per week. We are blessed to have her on board, and I hope you will give her a warm welcome.