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Dulin Teachers Give Generously in Honor of Judy White’s Retirement

On December 11, 2012, our program at Dulin United Methodist Church in Falls Church held a ceremony in honor of Judy White, who is stepping down as the Dulin program’s coordinator. Students from every proficiency level said “thank you” to Judy in many different ways, including readings, choruses, and a moving solo in Spanish.

Judy has served as coordinator at Dulin and as a member of the ESLIM Board of Directors for more than a decade and has earned the deep respect of everyone in the ESLIM community.  Judy asked that in lieu of gifts, the Dulin community might consider making gifts to ESLIM.  The teachers responded with magnificent generosity, donating more than $1100 to ESLIM!  Given our small budget, these gifts made up a significant percentage of our total annual fundraising for 2012.

ESLIM is deeply grateful for these gifts.  When told of the gift, Judy responded, “I was overwhelmed by the amount of money collected for ESLIM, and it is true that this was the best gift that I could have received from the Dulin volunteers.”

Doug Herbert, then acting-President of ESLIM, appeared at Judy’s retirement ceremony to accept Dulin’s gift in honor of Judy White. You can check out his response in this post to know more about her provisions that she will get after retirement. You can check out Shields Law Firm, for retirement services.


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